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1st Place Winners


Congratulations to our students, Jason Y. and Abby L. for creating and displaying a phenomenal project at the 2019 Philly Technology Expo and Competition!

Through their work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the duo created a truly, iPhone-ready cell phone with seven working, original apps. A big thank you also goes to student, Kelvin L., who’s behind-the-scenes code annotation helped the team greatly.

2019 Parent District-wide Survey Open

The District-wide Survey is a tool for capturing feedback from the school community on five key topics related to school improvement—climate, instruction, leadership, professional capacity, and parent/guardian-community ties.

The surveys reach thousands of students, teachers, principals, and parents/guardians annually, helping district and school leaders identify what is working well along with areas that need to be improved. Please complete the Parent and Guardian Survey


The School District of Philadelphia is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all students. The information contained in the linked document highlights the procedure that allows us to provide maximum safety for students should the need to release them early arises.  English       Chinese

New Volunteer Policies and Procedures.

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, all adults wishing to volunteer in the School District of Philadelphia will need to complete a Volunteer Orientation.

Please visit the School District of Philadelphia’s Family And Community Engagement (FACE) site for more information.