The School District of Philadelphia will remain closed indefinitely.
More about the closure, and other updates, in the letter from Dr. Hite HERE, provided in 10 languages.

March 31: The District recently announced their plan to provide a Chromebook to every student who needs one for learning at home. More information on the Chromebook Loaner Program can be found HERE.

Grab-and-go meal sites continue to operate for our students. Updated locations and times are HERE.

A second set of K-12 Learning Guides are available online, and at meal sites as of Monday March 30. More info is HERE.

We now have an email address ( and SDP Hotlines in 10 languages for Learning Guide support and general questions. More info HERE.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are being added regularly, HERE.

Please visit our Coronavirus Information Hub often for the most up-to-date information.

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Welcome to McCall School

March 31 Letter from Dr. Hite: The School District of Philadelphia will remain closed indefinitely.


: The District announced their plan to provide a Chromebook to every student who needs one for learning at home. In addition to the information in Dr. Hite’s letter, we have a Chromebook Loaner page, for more info and answers to some FAQ’s.


: Grab-and-go meals for our students will continue to be available across the City.

Starting March 23, locations and times will change. Please see the most updated information about grab-and-go meals locations and pickup times sites for all Philadelphia students HERE.

Learning Guides:

 Math, ELA, science, and social studies Learning Guides for grades K – 12 are available online HERE.

Printed copies are now available at all School District grab-and-go meal sites (supplies are being refreshed).

The English Language Arts and Math Learning Guides include daily lessons that will engage students for 10 days. Families are encouraged to finish the lessons from the first set of guides, then move on to the next set of guides.


 SDP Hotlines will be available in ten languages, to answer questions on the Learning Guides as well as other general questions about the school closure, meals, etc. Hotlines are listed below. They will operate Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Email your questions:

 You can now also email your questions to for reply.


 Answers, as quickly as we can provide them, to your questions during the closure, HERE. Check back often for updated information.

Letter from Principal McKenna concerning updates and educational resources

What’s Happening this Month

It’s Survey Time

Your voice matters! (and you could win $25!)

We invite all parents and staff to take the District-Wide Survey to help guide school improvement efforts.


Kindergarten Registration is Open
through May 29!

Our Registration page tells you everything you need to do to get your child registered!


Federal Title 1 Right to Know Letter:

As the parent of a student attending a school that is receiving Federal Title I dollars, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the teacher(s) and instructional paraprofessional(s) who instruct your child.

Letter in English, Chinese, and Spanish

Early Release Procedures For School District Of Philadelphia Students

The School District of Philadelphia is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all students. The information contained in the linked document highlights the procedure that allows us to provide maximum safety for students should the need to release them early arises.  English       Chinese

Volunteer Policies and Procedures.

All adults wishing to volunteer in the School District of Philadelphia will need to complete a Volunteer Orientation.

Please visit the School District of Philadelphia’s Family And Community Engagement (FACE) site for more information.